How does it work?

Actually it is quite simple.

What bothers you when you look at the installation? Are there certain things you would like to change about the image?

Grab a few markers, stickers or other attributes and get started! Cross out or complete certain words. Dress the statue or remove everything that covers it.

Just keep in mind: what is femininity to you?

Background information

About the project

‘[WHAT] WOULD YOU CHANGE?’ is an interactive (punk) installation, intended for urban locations, in which passers-by can discuss what they would like to change about the ‘given image’ of women.

The image is a visual representation of current ideas about women and femininity as a result of quantitative research.

Participants are given the creative freedom to adjust the image by using markers, stickers, and other interesting attributes. Ultimately, the interactive installation forms a representative reflection of the various ideas from our society.

On the one hand, this could mean demonstrating that there are sexist and unequal views on women in society, but it could also mean that this is not the case or that people do not dare to express themselves. for their opinion or behaviour.

Regardless of the outcome, ‘[WHAT] WOULD YOU CHANGE?’ as a social participatory art project can further increase the social debate about (benevolent) sexism and discrimination against women, because it produces a representative and dynamic end result that confirms or does not confirm the aforementioned research results.